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Frame Selection With Our Arlington Optometrist

Choosing the right frames can be difficult for many people. Your frames do more than help you see: they frame your face and affect your personal appearance. Choosing the right frames for your personality and personal style is important. At Insight Vision, Our Arlington optometrist helps our patients find the right eyeglasses. We offer a wide range of frames to our patients, in a variety of styles, colors, and brands. With all these glasses to choose from, our experienced staff members can help you pick eyeglasses that can meet your needs by complimenting your personal style and appearance.

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The Right Shape Eye Glasses For Your Face

  • Oval face - Oval faces are well proportioned. For an oval shaped face, we recommend wide glasses that give emphasis to the eyes and cheek bones. Wide glasses help accentuate the upper middle part of the face, drawing focus to the eyes.

  • Square face - A square will have a wide jaw line and short brow, making the width of the face seem equal to the height. A face of this shape benefits from glasses that emphasize the length and make the face seem taller. Wide oval-shaped glasses can help make the face seem more tall and less broad.

  • Heart shaped face - A heart shaped face will be wider at the top than at the bottom. To give balance to the face, try eye glasses that are wider on bottom and more narrow at the top.

  • Round face - A round face typically benefits from glasses that can make the face seem more angular, such as rectangular glasses that can add width to the face. For patients with round faces, we also recommend eye glasses that are wire rimmed on top and rimless on the bottom.

Plastic, Wire or Rimless              

Each patient who purchases new glasses must decide whether or not they would like to own plastic, wire or rimless glasses. There are advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • Plastic eyeglasses tend to be durable, easy to clean and difficult to bend out of shape. Plastic eye glasses also lack parts like separate nose pieces, which must be replaced regularly in order to maintain their functionality and appearance. Plastic eye glasses are very low maintenance. Plastic eyeglasses are especially fitting for pediatric patients.

  • Wire eyeglasses are more traditional in appearance. Wire eyeglasses come with separate nose pieces that must be replaced on a regular basis.

  • Rimless eyeglasses are very attractive, but may be less durable than wire and plastic eyeglasses. In addition, rimless glasses also have nose pieces that must be replaced on a regular basis.

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  • Everyone is great at Insight Vision. All staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Dr. Hanson is great, too. I highly recommend Insight Vision if you are looking for a great place for eyecare for you and your family.

    - Gary Boomers
  • If you are looking for the best eye care, you need to visit Mark Hanson at Insight Vision. Best in Arlington.

    - Noreen Gregory
  • Loved going to Insight Vision. I had a great exam and even got some glasses. The personalized glasses fitting was my favorite part. I have never gotten glasses fitted so well in my life. Love the selection of frames and how quick they were done. I would definitely go back!!

    - Sherry Wood
  • Dr Mark R Hanson is the BEST one to go to for an eye exam and glasses! I have never been disappointed. He is knowledgeable and knows exactly what you need. I highly recommend him.

    - Mary Eteo
  • Dr. Hanson is caring and always provides excellent care, as does his very knowledgeable optician!

    - Brooke Houser

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