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Eye Exam in Arlington

Need an eye exam in Arlington? You only get one pair of eyes in this lifetime, so it's absolutely essential that you take the best possible care of them. This includes catching and treating any serious eye diseases that might otherwise permanently rob you of your eyesight. Additionally, even disease-free pair eyes can develop refractive errors and functional problems that limit your vision, potentially threatening your safety, productivity and ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Scheduling a regular comprehensive eye exam and vision test from our Arlington optometrist at Insight Vision, Dr. Mark Hanson, can help you optimize your eyesight for years to come.

Woman receiving eye exam from Optometrist in Arlington

Getting Your Eye Exam

No matter how crystal-clear your vision seems, you need to schedule an eye exam in Arlington either every two years (if you have no obvious eye or vision problems) or every year (if you do have a such a condition or in you're in an elevated risk group for eye trouble). Even infants needs to have their eyes tested at the age of 6 months to make sure that the eyes are working properly and communicating well with the brain. Eye function testing continues to serve as useful element of a comprehensive eye exam for life. It allows us to diagnose problems with focus, eye teaming, coordination, eye dominance and eye alignment that can create vision problems. 

Eye Health Testing in Arlington

Eye health testing is a critical facet of your comprehensive eye exam in Arlington. A series of evaluations can reveal the presence of diseases and disorders that might otherwise go unnoticed for years (even as they proceed to cause permanent damage). For instance, we can use a technique called tonometry to see whether you suffer from excessive fluid pressure in the eye, a red flag for possible glaucoma. By dilating your pupils, our Arlington optometrist can also see a large portion of the inside and back of the eye. This lets us diagnose early stages of diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and other retinal issues that require immediate treatment. Slit lamp testing and other techniques can check the eye's front surface for cataracts and other disorders.

Testing for Eye Disorders

Our Arlington eye exam includes vision testing to determine whether you might need corrections for a refractive disorder such as hyperopia, myopia, presbyopia or astigmatism. These aberrations in eye structure can leave you with blurred vision at specific distances. In the case of presbyopia, you may have trouble with more than one field of vision simultaneously. By simulating those distances with an eye chart, our Arlington optometrist can detect any difficulties you may be having and write a prescription for glasses or contacts to get you seeing clearly once again. If you prefer contacts to glasses, we will also evaluate your tear composition, lifestyle needs, pupil/iris size and corneal contours.

Contact Our Optometrist in Arlington

Schedule that Arlington eye exam while it's fresh in your mind. Call Insight Vision at 817-861-2020 for an appointment with our optometrist in Arlington! 

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