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How to Tell if You Need Glasses

How to Tell if You Need Glasses With Help From Our Arlington Optometrist

When you need glasses, you'll notice many warning signs that something is not right with your vision. Knowing how to recognize these signals can help ensure that your eyes get the corrective lenses they need to see clearly. At Insight Vision in Arlington TX, we offer eye exams, write prescriptions for corrective lenses, and sell eyeglasses and contact lenses to our patients! Below are some of the best ways to tell if you need glasses.

When to Visit Your Arlington Optometrist

  1. Your vision is blurry. Blurry vision can sneak up on you, starting off so subtly at first that you may not even realize that you have a problem. Children in particular have a hard time recognizing when their vision is blurry, so their vision problems may go undetected for much longer than adults.
  2. You find yourself needing squinting regularly. Squinting can make your vision more clear. If you need to squint in order to see properly, this is an indication that you're suffering from refractive error.
  3. You frequently need more light to read. The lenses of the eyes may harden with old age. When this happens, the patient may lose some ability to focus light. Using a brighter light can help the patient read, but glasses may also be necessary to bring words into focus.
  4. You get headaches from reading. Sometimes patients who need glasses get headaches while reading. If you find that reading gives you headaches, contact your optometrist in Arlington for diagnosis and treatment.

Contact Your Optometrist in Arlington

If you've noticed any of the above symptoms, this could mean that you need glasses. If you already have glasses, you might need a prescription update. As your Arlington eye doctor, we sell a variety of frames. Our glasses come in many colors and styles! To find out whether you need eyeglasses or contact lenses, contact Insight Vision today by calling 817-861-2020 for an appointment.

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