10 Health Problems Your Eyes Could Be Showing Signs For

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10 Health Problems Your Eyes Could Be Showing Signs For

10 Health Problems Your Eyes Could Be Showing Signs For

Our Arlington Optometrist Empowers His Clients To Know The Warning Signs of Eye Health Problems

The eyes are often called "the windows to the soul." But did you know they can also be considered the windows to your health, as well? Our Arlington optometrist believes that patient education is a critical component to optimizing eye health--and overall well-being--so he's sharing some common health problems that can affect your vision and eye health. 

10 Health Problems That Your Eyes May Be Trying To Tell You About!

  1. Diabetes: this common blood sugar disorder can lead to blurry vision loss and even blindness in severe cases.
  2. Color Vision Changes: if life looks a little less vibrant, this could be a sign of cataracts (clouding of your eyes' lenses).
  3. Nutrition Deficiencies: improving your diet or adding supplements may alleviate blurry vision or dry irritated eyes.
  4. Allergies: itchy, red, watery, and irritated eyes often hint at exposure to an environmental allergen, such as smoke, pollen, and pet dander.
  5. Autoimmune Dysfunction: normal tear production can be disrupted if your body's immune system goes haywire and begins attacking healthy cells and tissues, which can lead to dry eyes.
  6. Liver Disease: yellowing of the eyes and skin (a phenomenon know as jaundice) typically signifies a problem with your liver function.
  7. Cancer: UV rays can damage the delicate tissue of your eyes and may lead to symptoms including eye discoloration, eye swelling, vision loss, and wiggly lines or "floaters" in your field of vision.
  8. Stroke: someone who has had a stroke often presents with eyelid drooping (ptosis) on one side of the face. Your Arlington eye doctor can also alert you to your risk of stroke by examining the integrity of the blood vessels within your eyes during a dilated eye exam.
  9. Dementia: a unique substance called amyloid protein--one of the chief hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease--can sometimes be identified in the retinas with a special test.
  10. High Blood Pressure: increased eye pressure and optic nerve damage (also known as macular degeneration) are often a warning sign of chronic hypertension. 

Request An Eye Exam With Our Eye Doctor In Arlington Today

Not all eye health problems will present with warning signs or symptoms in the early stages, so even if you feel like your vision is in perfect condition, it's still vitally important to schedule an annual eye exam with our eye doctor in Arlington, Dr. Mark R. Hanson. Using advanced technology and keen skills, Dr. Hanson can thoroughly examine your vision and eye health to ensure that there are no underlying health problems developing. If a problem is detected, Dr. Hanson and his team will be able to provide earlier intervention and treatment, which can slow or even reverse the eye disease process. 

In some cases, our eye doctor may realize that your chief complaints are actually related to another underlying disease process altogether (such as any of the 10 listed above). If this is the case, Dr. Hanson can quickly refer you to your primary care doctor or another health specialist for the continuation of care. 

To request an eye exam with our eye doctor in Arlington, call Insight Vision now at 817-861-2020. We proudly serve people and their loved ones from the communities of Arlington, East Fort Worth, Hurst, Euless, Bedford and surrounding areas.

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